What you need to know about making money on video blogs?

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Last Updated on 2021-12-03 by admin

Making money on video blogs: which platform to choose, how to start and how to make money?
Video blogging, in spite of its rather long existence, still continues to bring profit to the creators of unique and original video material. Video earnings are based on the number of views posted in the video ad, as well as individual affiliate offers.

What platform is it better to start making money on?
The only platform that provides users with a 100% earnings opportunity is YouTube. The highest paid google affiliate ads are published in YouTube videos, and this platform also provides a pay-per-view basis. Today, everyone uses purchase youtube watch hours for fast promotion.

How to start?

Creating your own video blog involves a whole range of actions:
· Choice of subject;
· Creation of design and name;
· Creation of an introductory intro video;
· Filling with video material;
· Advertising (optional).

Choosing a theme

The topic of the channel often determines the popularity. It is recommended, before making a clear choice of a topic: analyze the market, understand what is trending now and find the most requested and non-competitive topic (in comparison with the rest).


First, you need to create your channel on a particular platform and design it beautifully. The channel design consists of 2 elements:
1. User avatar – a picture corresponding to the future topic of the video blog.
2. Hat – a background image that should also be thematically decorated.
The name of the channel also plays a significant role. The simpler and brighter the name of the blog, the easier it is to remember.

Intro video

An intro is a short video (often less than 10 seconds) that starts a video. The preview video should complement the specific video and correspond to the main topic of the channel.


You need to fill your video blog with exclusively high-quality videos. Videos should be useful, of good quality and editing. It is recommended that you get a normal microphone before starting professional video blogging. Most people turn off a particular video just because of poor sound quality.


To accelerate the growth of your own channel, you can order advertising from a blogger with a larger audience, and preferably from several.

How to earn?

Earning money on any platform starts from a certain number of views or subscribers. As soon as the number of fans exceeds 1000, a new parameter will become available: “Monetization”. It is he who will allow a person to add advertising to his own videos and make money on it.